Nagaland Bhulekh : Land Records & Survey Khata No Report

In Nagaland, the government department that deals with land records and survey maps is called the Directorate of Land Records and Survey. This department maintains records of land ownership and boundaries, known as “Bhulekh“.

The land records system applies to the Dimapur area, government-owned lands, towns, and administrative headquarters. The revenue department handles policies related to administering and managing land.

The revenue department’s activities have expanded to include land surveys, development activities like mapping, preparing land records and surveyed maps, digitizing records, and computerizing records of land ownership rights.

In simpler terms, there is a government department in Nagaland responsible for keeping track of who owns what land by maintaining official records and maps. This department has taken on more responsibilities over time including modernizing their records.

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About Nagaland Land Records

In Nagaland, land records are known as patta, bhulekh Nagaland, and survey khata numbers. These records are maintained by an authority called the Directorate of Land Records and Survey.

The Nagaland land record system applies to towns, government lands, the Dimapur area, and administrative headquarters. Details available in the land records such as area, dimensions, etc. can help assess the proper valuation of a property.

The Nagaland revenue department handles matters related to land records, revenue policies, and land administration policies in the state.

The Directorate of Land Records and Survey oversees these land record operations in Nagaland. Additionally, the post provides five simple steps to obtain Nagaland land records in a short time.

How to get Nagaland Land Records online ?

There is no option to obtain Nagaland land records fully online. You need to follow an offline process by visiting the land records office. Here are the simple steps:

  • Fill an application form: First, you have to go to the Land Records and Survey department in Nagaland and get an application form. Fill it with your basic details and information about the land record you want.
  • Provide required documents: Along with the form, you need to attach all necessary documents like ID proof, address proof, copy of property documents, electricity bill etc. The post mentions the detailed list of documents later.
  • Submit the form: Once you have filled the entire form and attached all documents, go ahead and submit it to one of the counter officials.
  • Pay the required fees: To complete the process, you need to pay the required fees at the counter. Don’t forget to take the receipt for the transaction.
  • Get Nagaland land record: After submission, the assigned revenue officer in Nagaland will verify your details and check your records in their system. If all is correct, they will print the requested Nagaland land records and provide you a signed copy.

Note: You may need to fill multiple forms depending on your Nagaland land record requirements. Make sure to contact one of the authority representatives and understand the entire process before starting.

Required Documents for Nagaland land Records application

Address Proof Documents (any one of these can serve as address verification):

  • Aadhaar card
  • Election commission photo ID or voter ID
  • Registered lease/rental agreement
  • Passport
  • Arms license
  • Ration card with address
  • Permanent driving license
  • Utility bills (phone, gas, water or electricity)
  • Current bank passbook

Identity Proof Documents (any one can serve as ID verification):

  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport
  • Election photo ID or voter ID
  • Income tax PAN card
  • Arms license
  • Ration card with photo
  • Permanent driving license

Property Documents:

  • Property tax payment documents
  • Latest land revenue receipt (treasury receipt)
  • Copy of sale deed and other property-related documents

Other Documents:

  • Electricity bill for the property

Key details available in Nagaland land records

Nagaland land records provide information related to a land holding based on its registration, usage, type, and more. These records include various property details such as:

  • Name of the owner(s)
  • Size/area of the land
  • Dimensions of the land
  • Number of owners
  • History of transactions made against the property such as third-party claims, mortgages etc.
  • Type of soil on the property
  • Other economic details

Contact Details (Helpline)

For further assistance or need more information then you have to consult in the Tehsildar office and for any technical query contact information is given below:

  • Directorate of Land Records and Survey
  • Government of Nagaland
  • Dimapur, Near DC Office
  • Pin: 797112
  • Nagaland
  • Phone: +91-3862 – 2000 4444
  • Email: landrecordsdmp[AT]gmail[DOT]com
  • Official Website:

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