Mizoram Bhulekh: Check Land Records Online at Land Revenue Portal

The Mizoram government made a website to help people check who owns land more easily. The Land Revenue and Settlement Department Mizoram has to keep land records on computers. This helps stop arguments about land and keeps the information safe.

On the website, you can also look at land papers, set up meetings, get forms, and read new updates from the government. This makes it quick and easy to find information about land in Mizoram online.

Mizoram Land Records Online

The Indian government and Mizoram started a project to put land records online. They want to make the process the same and easier in all revenue offices in Mizoram. This will help people get services from land offices faster.

Putting land records online will make them easier to access. It will also make things more open, help officials respond better, and make sure they do their job properly.

Land Revenue and Settlement Department in Mizoram

The Mizoram Land Revenue and Settlement Department keeps land records online. This helps stop land fights and keeps information safe. The department’s website offers these services:

  1. Computer records of who owns land, with maps. You can print colored ownership papers.
  2. Land passbooks that give important land information.
  3. Information about getting help from the government.
  4. Papers that show what you own, like caste and income certificates.
  5. Easy loans for farming, village growth, and other plans based on your land.

Objective of Digital Mizoram Land Records

The main reason for making the Mizoram land records website is to have one place for all land information. This includes written records, maps, survey details, and land registration. The website will help update how land records are kept.

This website will also help reduce arguments about land or property. Keeping land records will be more open and clear. People in Mizoram don’t need to go to government offices anymore to get information about their land. They can just go online. They can find all the information about Mizoram land records on the official website.

Services Available on Mizoram Land Records

The Mizoram Land Revenue and Settlement Department website offers these services for Mizoram people:

  • Computer records of land rights with maps. You can print colored ownership papers.
  • Papers that show what you own, like where you live, your caste, and how much money you make.
  • Information about whether you can get help from government programs.
  • Land passbooks with important land information.
  • Easy loans for farming, village growth, jobs, and other plans based on your land.

Mizoram Land Records Eligibility

A Patta is an official paper from the Mizoram government that shows who legally owns land. In Mizoram, people can use land for homes through leases or a special certificate called RLSC.

To get information from Mizoram land records or Patta, you need to:

  1. Be someone who just bought land
  2. Be someone who is selling land
  3. Know the right details about the land, like its plot number
  4. Own land in Mizoram

If you meet any of these rules, you can ask for a copy of the land record.

Documents Required for Mizoram Land Records

  • Application Form
  • Residence proof of the applicant (Ration card/Telephone bill/Bank passbook of the applicant)
  • Identity proof of the applicant (Aadhaar card, Voter ID or Driving License)
  • Documents related to the property (sale deed)
  • Receipt for property tax payment
  • Proof of ownership, such as a tax receipt or utility bill
  • certificate of encumbrance

Essential Information for Mizoram Land Records

The essential information given below to understanding Mizoram land records. A patta is legal for a specified land area, and it serves as a revenue record for it. A patta will have:

  • Patta number
  • Owner’s name
  • Locational details of the immovable property
  • Land area details
  • Revenue Board
  • Village

Registration Process in Mizoram Land Records

If you are first time use web portal of Mizoram Land Records then you will need to registration for these you can upload certified copies of RTC. To log in using the user ID and password, the farmer or citizen must first set up an account on the site. Following are the steps to create an account/register on the web portal of Mizoram Land Records:

  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Create Account’ option on the ‘Login’ page.
  • Step 3: Fill in the all necessary information, generate an OTP by clicking on the ‘Click here: Send OTP’ button, enter the OTP, and register by clicking on the ‘Sign Up/Submit’ button.

How to track survey applications on Mizoram land records?

The Land Revenue and Settlement Department of Mizoram are allows local people to track survey applications of Mizoram land records web portal. To track survey applications on Mizoram land records, follow the mentioned steps-

  • Go to the Mizoram land records website at landrevenue.mizoram.gov.in
  • Find and click on “Track Survey Application” on the main page.
  • A new page will open for survey applications.
  • Type in your survey application number.
  • Click on “Survey Number”.
  • You’ll then see the details of your survey application on the screen.

View Revenue Map on Digital Mizoram Land Records

  • First go to the official Mizoram land records website.
  • Now on homepage select the ‘Revenue Map’ option under the ‘Services’ menu.
  • Select the district, taluk, hobli and map type, then enter the village name and click on the ‘Search’ button. You can also use the list on the screen to search.
  • Select the ‘PDF file’ option for the village map you want to view.
  • Finally the map of the your village will appear on your screen below. The map is available to print or download.

Mizoram Land Records Benefits

  • People can see who owns land right away.
  • Less fighting in court about land.
  • Easier to get land papers online or at one office.
  • Less need to talk to government workers about land.
  • Fewer fake land deals because of computer checks.
  • Can see if you qualify for government help using this info.
  • Papers can’t be changed easily.
  • Can check land prices online.
  • Easier to get loans using this system.

Contact Details of Mizoram Land Records

SNNameDesignationPhone Number
1B LalchhanzovaMinister2322500
2R ZarzosangaSecretary2322558
3VL Hruaizela KhiangteAdditional Secretary2333516
1K VanlalthianaDirector2322469
2LalhmansangaJoint Director (Admn.)2325366
3Dr. Peter MalsawmtluangaDy. Director2318473
4Laltlanzovi SailoDy. Director (Admn)2322501
5C LalringlianaJt. Director of Survey2329332
6VanlalhruaiiFinance & Account Officer2318693

Bhulekh (Land Records): State Wise

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Uttarakhand (उत्तराखंड)Maharashtra (महाराष्ट्र)
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Haryana (हरियाणा)Punjab (पंजाब)
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Sikkim (सिक्किम)Manipur (मणिपुर)
Meghalaya (मेघालय)Mizoram (मिजोराम)
Nagaland (नागालैंड)