Bhulekh Odisha: Search Land Records, Plot Details (RoR), Village Map, Bhu Naksha Online

Bhulekh Odisha is a online portal run by the Odisha government. It lets people easily check land records, also called Record of Rights (RoR). The Bhulekh portal gives specific details about a piece of land, its owners, and previous owners in cities like Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rourkela, Bhadrak, Puri, and other areas in the State, both rural and urban. People can also download their land records using this portal.

The Bhulekh Odisha Portal is a recent initiative by the government to assist state residents in checking their land details throughout Odisha. This service was introduced because, previously, citizens had to personally visit relevant authorities and fill out applications to inspect their land. With the online land records checking system, citizens can now easily verify their Record of Rights (ROR) documents. This initiative allows all state residents to view maps of their lands conveniently.


Bhulekh Odisha : Check Land Records online

The Bhulekh Odisha portal online streamlines the management of land records, providing users with easy access to plot details through tenant names, plot numbers, and Khatiyan numbers. In addition to land records, the portal offers various other services. Here are some of the services provided and other important details about Bhulekh Odisha:

Details Of Odisha Land Map Record

NameBhulekh Portal
Launched byGovernment of Odisha state
BeneficiariesResidents of Odisha state
ObjectiveProviding online land records
Official website

Bhulekh (Land Records): State Wise

Uttarpradesh (उत्तरप्रदेश)Madhyapradesh (मध्यप्रदेश)
Odisha (ओडिशा)Bihar (बिहार)
Uttarakhand (उत्तराखंड)Maharashtra (महाराष्ट्र)
Rajasthan (राजस्थान)Jharkhand (झारखण्ड)
Haryana (हरियाणा)Punjab (पंजाब)
Andhra Pradesh (आंध्रप्रदेश)Gujarat (गुजरात)
Karnataka (कर्णाटक)Telangana (तेलंगना)
Chhattisgarh (छत्तीसगढ़)Assam (आसाम)
West Bengal (वेस्ट बंगाल)Goa (गोवा)
Himachal Pradesh (हिमाचल प्रदेश)Kerala (केरला)
Tamilnadu (तमिलनाडु)Tripura (त्रिपुरा)
Sikkim (सिक्किम)Manipur (मणिपुर)
Meghalaya (मेघालय)Mizoram (मिजोराम)
Nagaland (नागालैंड)

Bhulekh Odisha Objective

The primary goal of Bhulekh Odisha is to consolidate all information regarding land records into a single portal. Citizens of Odisha no longer need to visit government offices to obtain land record details. Instead, they can conveniently access all the necessary information from the comfort of their homes through this portal. This system is designed to save time and money while enhancing transparency. Through the Bhulekh Odisha portal, citizens can also view maps of their lands.

Benefits Of Bhulekh Odisha

The main advantage of the portal lies in its provision of land records in an online format. Recognizing that not everyone can visit government offices to obtain documents, the online portal facilitates the printing of necessary documents. This allows individuals to efficiently manage their affairs without the need to spend time at government offices. Additionally, a key benefit is the accessibility of maps, providing citizens of Odisha with a visual representation of their land details.

Features of Odisha Land Map Record

  • Portal Purpose: Bhulekh Odisha is an online land record portal.
  • Citizen Access: It allows citizens of Odisha to check their land records easily .
  • Government Development: The portal was developed by the Government of Odisha.
  • Office Visits Eliminated: Citizens no longer need to visit government offices to access their land records.
  • Convenient Access: Land records can be viewed from the comfort of citizens’ homes through the Bhulekh Odisha portal.
  • Map View: The portal enables users to check the map view of their lands.
  • Comprehensive Information: Essential details such as the landholder’s name, land history, and cost of land can be accessed through the Bhulekh Odisha portal.
  • Agricultural Details: Information about the agricultural aspects of the land and its surroundings is also available on the portal.

Services available on the Bhulekh Odisha

Users can access information about any land parcel in the State through the Bhulekh Odisha portal and the Odisha Bhulekh app, which includes:

  • RoR View (Plot Details)
  • Departmental User Login
  • Payment of Stamp Duty
  • RCCMS (Revenue Court Case Monitoring System)
  • Payment of Land Revenue >
    • Online Land Revenue Payment
    • Download Rent Receipt
    • Know your Transaction ID Payment Status
  • Registration Portal
  • Map View
  • Tahasil Info
  • View Plot Details by Unique Plot ID
  • Bhulekh Odisha Contact Details
  • Other Land Services

Odisha Bhulekh Documents required

  • Voter ID as proof of Identify
  • Ration Card
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Proof of ownership of property
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Land Tax
  • Income certificate

Application Process Of Bhulekh Odisha ROR

To apply for ROR documents, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the District Revenue Office.
  2. Request an application form from the office.
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Attach the required documents.
  5. Submit the application form.
  6. Receive an acknowledgment receipt.
  7. Safely keep the receipt.
  8. Verification process will occur.
  9. Ultimately, a certified copy of the ROR will be issued.

View land Records (RoR) in Bhulekh Odisha Online

You can view the plot details online at Bhulekh Odisha official website and following the steps below –

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: On the homepage, locate the ‘Select Location for RoR’ section.

Step 3: Choose the relevant options for district/ tahasil/ village/ RI circle from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select the Khatian number

Step 5: Select from the option RoR front page / RoR back page

Step 6: RoR will be displayed on the screen

View Plot Details by Unique Plot ID

  • Go to Bhulekh Odisha Homepage > View Plot Details by Unique Plot ID
  • Page –
  • To search Plot Details by using Unique Plot ID simply enter your Unique Plot ID and click on View Plot Details as a result Plot Details will appear on your screen.

If you don’t know your Unique Plot ID, you can find it by picking your District, Tahasil, Village, Khatian, and Plot. Just click the Search button, and you’ll get the Unique Plot ID for your plot.

How to obtain plot details on Bhulekh Odisha?

You can get plot details on the Bhulekh Odisha portal by following the steps-

Plot details by khatian number

Step 1: Select the district, tahasil, village, and RI circle from the drop-down menu on the home page
Step 2: Select ‘Khatiyan’
Step 3: Select the Khatiyan number, and click on ‘view RoR’ to view the land record detail

Plot details by tenant name

Step 1: Select the district, tahasil, village, and RI circle
Step 2: Select the option ‘tenant’
Step 3: Select the tenant name from a drop-down menu and and click on view RoR, you will be redirected to the plot details page

Plot details by plot number

Step 1: Select the district, tahasil, village, and RI circle
Step 2: Select the option ‘plot’
Step 3: Select the plot number from a drop-down menu and then ‘view RoR’ to access the plot details on Bhulekh Odisha

You can download a PDF of your RoR documents from the Bhulekh Odisha portal. If you need to use these documents for official reasons then you can go your nearby tehsil office . There, you can pick up and complete an application form to get the documents.

Download land records online from Bhulekh Odisha

To download land records from the Odisha Bhulekh portal, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Go to the main page and choose your District, Tahasil, and Village.

Step 2: After select the Khatiyan/plot/tenant. Choose as per your preference and click on ‘view RoR’.

Step 3: You will be taken to a page displaying land records.

Step 4: Scroll down to locate the ‘print’ command, click on it, and save the file as a PDF.

Procedure To Odisha Bhulekh Naksha/Map

To check the Map, you need to follow the simple steps given below:-

  • Visit the Official Website link given here
  • Click on the “Map View” tab.
  • Select your district
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Select the Plot number
  • Final information about your plot will display.

Procedure to view Tehsil information on the Bhulekh Odisha

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Now see right side menu ‘Tahasil Info’ page

Step 3: Your page redirect into (Dynamic Web Information System for Tahasils (DWIST))

Step 4: Select your district and tahasil and click on ‘Go’ tab
Step 5: You will be redirected to the page of the selected tahasil

Bhulekh Odisha Login for Departmental Users

  • Go to the official website, of land records, Odisha
  • On the homepage, you are required to click on departmental user login
  • This page select your “district” or “state”
  • Enter your user id, password, and captcha code
  • After that, you have to click on the login
  • By following this procedure you can do departmental login

Payment stamp duty online through Bhulekh Odisha portal

  • Go to
  • Click on “Payment of Stamp duty” option from the right-hand side menu
  • You will be redirected to new page.
  • Select Odisha from the drop-down menu and login/register to your account
  • Fill in the property details and seller/buyer information
  • After generate challan and make the payment online through NEFT or Bank Transfer 

Application fees/Charges on the Bhulekh Odisha

There are many services on the Odisha Bhulekh portal, users have to pay the following charges-

Government feeRs 30
Printing chargesRs 10
Certificate output chargesRs 10
Kiosk operator chargesRs 8
Scanning chargesRs 5
DEGs chargesRs 2

Bhulekh Odisha contact information

If you encounter any problems with land records in Odisha, you can reach out for assistance through the following channels:

Concerned Tahasildar – (

Director, Land Records & Survey, Board of Revenue, Cuttack
Email :
Phone : 0671-2509582 (10:00 AM to 5.30 PM on Working Days) OR

Revenue Minister Helpline
Email :
Toll Free Number – 18001218242 (10:00 AM to 5.30 PM on Working Days)

Important questions (FAQs) related to Bhulekh Odisha Portal

What is Bhulekh Odisha?

Bhulekh Odisha is an online portal developed by the Government of Odisha to facilitate easy access to land records, also known as the Record of Rights (RoR).

How can I check my land records on Bhulekh Odisha?

Visit the official Bhulekh Odisha website, select your District, Tahasil, and Village, choose the Khatiyan/plot/tenant, and click on ‘view RoR’. You can then download and print the records.

Can I get a PDF copy of my RoR documents from Bhulekh Odisha?

Yes, you can download a PDF copy of your RoR documents from the Bhulekh Odisha portal.

What information is available on Bhulekh Odisha about my land?

Bhulekh Odisha provides details such as the landholder’s name, land history, cost of land, and also allows you to check the map view of your lands.

What if I face issues with my land records in Odisha?

In case of issues, you can contact the concerned tahsildar, the Director of Land Records and Survey at the Board of Revenue, or submit grievances to the Revenue and Disaster Management Department.